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Stylmartin Navigator - New Zealand Test - English Version

Planning a trip halfway around the world it’s not so easy, you must think it through and choose everything you need; mainly as regards clothes and equipment. An essential part are the boots. Not very sure about what kind of needs we would have had day by day, so we opted necessarily for a touring boots, not too technical, lightweight, that could ensure comfort both on the bike and during the short walks


Obviously without overlooking waterproofing and the that the boots should be packed in the suitcase without taking up too much space in our luggage. While I was looking through the catalogue of our friends of Stylmartin, I stumbled on the “navigator” boots; nice design, right for any kind of motorcycle, not super technical with a smaller shape, but still maintaining safety standards, to which Stylmartin has accustomed us. Once removed from the box, the boots seemed to us very light, enough that the scale measures 733 gr. for each boot.

Beautiful leather, nice insets, but above all, I adore the double fastening, which can make it easier to put on and take off the boots. Just long enough to try them on and having a walk at home, so I soon put them in the suitcase and after inside the cargo-hold. When we arrived in New Zealand, once I put them on, I immediately got a good sensation riding the bike, as well as when they made me feel comfort during the first intense walk through the TE PUIA Park in Rotorua.

The slim boot leg makes it possible to pull the boots under any touring-suit trousers in a very easy way. The velcro fastening (which protects the zipper fastening) provides a perfect adjustment, in order to fit very well. During this trip, we’ve been through any kind of weather conditions: sun, rain, cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon; sand of beaches and sea water, dust of 20 km dirt road … I mean, an intensive test lasted almost 20 days, which can simulate longer periods as concerning “normal use”.

So much so that when we got home the boots cleaning has been remarkable, supplemented with leather nourishing products as final award, now they look pretty new. This is a very big moment for technical sneakers and bovver boots, but, for my part, I still prefer the classic boots, possibly black, possibly a touring type, possibly an adventure companions. For the time being, the “navigator” accompanied us throughout a one and only trip, very important, we will see what does the future hold for them.

It’s hard to say something else, you can find the technical features on the Stylmartin website, we, for our part, can state that these “navigator” have faced very well the journey in the Kiwi land.

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Special Tnks to Eurobike New Zealand